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TheBestSelection Blog is the place where we, TheBestSelection team, share our findings of new and interesting things across the Web. This is an informative blog where we write about the amazing things and new happenings in the world.
Here you'll come to know about some of the most amazing and least known things. We will discuss the least discussed things.

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TheBestSelection team spends a lot of time in doing research before writing an article. It takes hours or even days of research before posting an article. We publish the original and genuine material written by website owners and our contributors. We write original material for our readers and not for search engine spiders.

We also publish guest posts written by other people who posses thier own blogs.. We ask our contributors to obey the same rule – for being honest, producing original content and avoiding copy of material from other sources. TheBestSelection Team is very picky about guest post websites and we link only to reliable resources. But if you go to their site, please learn more about their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Currently we are not hosting any ads on our website to gain more attention of our readers. However we welcome banner exchange and link exchange.

 How to comment

The Best Selection Team is happy to get feedback from our readers. Feel free to contact us personally by email or to comment our posts via your Facebook account or Yahoo ID. Please post only friendly and family-safe comments; don’t publish spam or useless links and please respect other commenters.

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General Guidelines
  • We do not post copyrighted or duplicate material without the prior permission and consent of the author.
  • Make sure that article which you will be writing for TheBestSelection is not published before.
  • Contributors are required to not to post their articles published on TheBestSelection to their blog or anywhere else. This is just to ensure quality of our website. Remember Duplicate content causes to reduce Google Page Rank of your website/blog and ours.
  • You can write on any topic. But do not write and post "HOW TO" tips, SEO tips and BLOGGER TIPS/TRICKS because Internet is full of websites providing such content. However if you have some genuine and original stuff to write you can always write for us.
  • Do Not write on Gay/Lesbian topics and do not criticize directly any religion i.e. readers sentiments should not be hurt by your writings. Remember we write for our readers.
Benifit : As a contributor your bio will be published on our Contributor's page. Your name with your blog/website address will be published with each of your article published on TheBestSelection. The more quality material you will write for us, the more traffic will be transferred to your blog/website.

Agreed with the terms ? That's cool....

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