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Stylish haircut made by a professional hairstylist at NYC Hair Salon always cuts a figure. It’s high time to change your look! Find out what haircuts are trendy this year and get ready for changes.

Men haircuts for different hair length

Perhaps, it is not quite obvious that all haircuts at NYC Hair Salon are divided into three categories: for short, medium, and long hair length. However, shortcuts are still the most popular for men because of easy care and styling. Short haircuts are usually prefered by people with strong character, sportsmen, businessmen, and those who like classic style.

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There are also creative haircuts for medium hair length; although, men often treat them very carefully. Not every man can allow himself to wear medium haircut because of hair structure. Some guys consider such hairstyles to be unacceptable, and others just don’t have enough time for care and styling. Nevertheless, eccentric, young, and spunk men give preference to romantic or retro medium haircuts.

Long haircuts always help to cut through the clutter. Such haircuts are worn by creative and bodacious people. At the same time, stereotypes gradually change: more and more guys start to wear long haircuts. Let’s learn the main tendencies of men haircuts in 2016

Back in the '50s

Today, creative guys pay attention to retro haircuts. Such hairstyles transfer us to the distant '50s when long combed back bangs were quite fashionable. It is not surprising many modern guys choose haircuts of those years. The haircut of beloved Elvis Presley which included a big bang deserves special notice. Thus, retro haircuts will help to create your own unique style. By the way, it should be noted that bang has many variations: it can be styled on the forehead, combed back, consist of different length strands, or look ragged. Everything depends on your imagination and hair styling products you choose.

Asymmetric style

Speaking about creative haircuts, it’s hard not to pay attention to the asymmetrical ones. They are intriguing, fascinating, and emphasizing the originality of the stronger sex. There are many variations of asymmetrical haircuts for men. Today, they can be noticed on Milan and Paris catwalks. Especially attractive are asymmetrical shortcuts with the short side bang. If you are really spunk and creative person, try such hairstyle! All you need is just to find a professional hairstylist, who will help you to put into life your intention. Also, asymmetrical shortcuts do not require special care and daily styling. However, if you choose an asymmetrical haircut, be ready to visit your hairstylist on-and-off, as you should maintain its neat look.

So, if you find your ideal haircut, it is better to consult hairstylist before getting it. In such a way, you can determine whether it fits you or not. Right chosen haircut allows to accentuate your face features. Attractive haircut also can be done at home. All you need are hairdressing skills and some imagination. Keep in mind our tips and be gorgeous!

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