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Domain Intelligence refers to the research after the domain names of the websites. To have a great websites you need to have brand able domain name. Searching for great websites or domain name requires a lot of efforts and with the domain intelligence software this effort can be minimized.

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The idea of domain intelligence is emerged after the need of finding good domain names for business because in previous 15 years Internet is flooded with webpages. Whenever we want to start a business we go and check and there is already a domain name registered on the same business name. It was therefore necessary to develop a technology to automate the domain research process. Domain Intelligence is thus an umbrella under were several technologies will work together to make the domain research process fast, efficient, accurate and easy to use.

Domain Intelligence includes but not limited to:

·         Domain research
·         Multiple Variations of the domain name.
·         Availability of chosen domain name variables on popular TLDs
·         Main Focus keyword
·         Domain matrix (PR, PA, DA, Backlinks, Link profile , Anchor text history etc)
·         CPC and search analytics
·         Domain history
·         Domain ownership information
·         Social shares on the domain
·         Alexa rank
·         Dmoz Registration and so on..

There are several tools available online working on the principle of domain Intelligence. Some of them are softwares while other are web based solutions.  One of these tools and probably the most awesome and free is Namebot. Namebot allows to you enter your main keyword and have thousands of domain name ideas generated in a second. This is very helpful for a person like me who always spent a lot of time whenever I need to create a website.

The future possibilities of domain Intelligence may include the analysis of Old Websites, Traffic and Profit estimations, available domain purchase links from different web hosting companies, Premium domain names research etc. Although many of these services are already been provided by several websites, yet there is no official definition about the scope of Domain Intelligence.

As web technology is developing fast, we may see a lot of progress in the field of domain intelligence as it will have greater impact on the success of businesses. Business owners and new Entrepreneurs want nothing but a perfect brand able business name. It annoys when hours of research went in vain when you find your final business name I already been used and the selected domain name is not available. Domain Intelligence will help business owners and web analytics to conduct the research quickly and to save precious time.

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