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Click and Grow, A US Firm has introduced an innovative "Smart Garden",  a device which can be used in home or even in kitchen to grow a variety of herbs and vegetables without having actually exposed to Sunlight.

KickStarter Project- Smart Herb Garden by Click and Grow
Click and Grow's Smart Herb Garden

In Last March, Click and Grow started Fundraising for this Project and they end-up by raising more than 6,00,000 Dollars. Recently Click and Grow has introduced their Smart Garden for Everyone to purchase. According to their Official Price is USD 99.95 with a variety of Cartridges in $19.99

The Usafe of Smart Garden is Pretty easy. The Users have to add water to it and needed to be connected to electric supply. It have software to monitor and analyze the need of light and an LED grow Light to ensure the Light necessary for the growth of plants. The machine adjust the light automatically. Smart Garden have an indicate light which lets user know when there is the need to add water.

Grow Vegetables and herbs at Your Kitchen with Smart Herb Garden

Smart Garden uses pre-seeded Cartridges. It uses company's self made Smart Soil which is developed to provide the necessary oxygen, water and other nutrients to the vegetables and herbs. There are variety of herbs and vegetables, of which cartridges are available including, mini tomato, basil, salad rocket, cilli pepper, lemon balm and thyme and the company is also working to produce peppermint, strawberry and rosemary.

Its Convenient and useful. People can Grow upto three herbs or vegetables at a time with smart herb Garden.

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Smart Herb Garden by Click and Grow by TheBestSelection

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