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Looking to Download Free Android apps 2014? Since last few year Thousands of Android apps and android games were uploaded on Google Play Store. In July 2013, Google Play Store Officially reached to host more than 1 Million android apps. Most Popular apps includes apps related to Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mobile apps like Whatsapp and Viber. People can download most android apps best with Google Play for free. Here is our list of 15 Best Android Applications of 2014 that are available to download for free on Google Play Store.

1. WeCam

Download free android app 2014 WeCam chat

Unlike the Mobile Communication apps like skype viber, We Chat and Whatsapp, WeCam mainly focus video messages and Video Calls. It allows users to find their friends by connection their Social Networking accounts with it. But this is not the only feature. There are many other ways by which you can find new connections. Like You use Near Me Option, and it will show you people using the app near to your location. You can also search by Gender, Age and by tags such as love, a movie name or by hobby. You can also search people having common interests with you by Search by Matches Option. It’s a New Addition to the Google Play and you should try it out if you like to explore new things. Download this app for free from Google Play

2. Telegram Messenger

Download Free Android app 2014 Telegram Messenger

Are you getting bored using Whatsapp ? Looking for another Android App with a new outlook and new features alongwith the existing features of Whatsapp ? Then this Android app is for you. Telegram Messenger is the closest competitor of Whatsapp. It allows you to enjoy the same features as in whatsapp. Additionally, you can create a group chat for up to 200 people and can share Photos and videos with family with high security. Security is the main feature of this android app. You can have secret chats and with the self-destruct function they are never stored on the Telegram’s Servers and are automatically deleted after a specified period from both devices. It also offers cloud storage so you can enjoy the benefits of cloud technology as well. You can Download Free Android App 2014 version from Google Play Store. Telegram Messenger’s latest version was updated on 24th Mar 2014.

3. Papyrus – Natural Note Taking

Download Free Android app 2014 Papyrus

This is one of the cool free android app that you would surely like. Typing on Touch-screen phones is a common problem for most of new Smartphone users. Papyrus is a Natural Note Taking app that allows you to take notes by writing with your fingers on your Smartphone’ s screen or by built-in pen like in Samsung Galaxy. After writing you have the options that a good word processor have, You can undo, Redo, Resize,  Zoom  and add weight to your notes. You can save your handwritten notes to the other file types like PDF, PNG or in JPG. This app have a lot of other features. Try out this interesting Android Application that is basically a Productivity Tool. You can Download Free Android App 2014 Here

4. Weather Ultimate

Download Free Android app 2014 Weather Ultimate

Weather update is a good android app that keeps you update with the latest weather of your city. Weather Ultimate uses professional weather database and gives you the most accurate weather forecast. It also display up to 5 days forecast. When you are not connected it shows weather update form cache. Background wallpaper is automatically changes with respect to the current weather conditions. If you install it on your phone’s memory, you can also set its widget to your hoe screen. Download Free Weather Ultimate Android App from Google Play

5. AirDroid

Download Free Android app 2014 AirDroid

This is one of the finest Android Application for transferring data from your android device to a computer without having the USB data cables actually connected. Yes, this is a wireless app that uses wifi to transfer data to the PC. This means you can also transfer the data on the go. It supports Windows, Mac and Linux Operating system on Computer. It is basically an Internet application and therefore No Driver Installation required. There are a lot of Cool features associated with this appp like you can send and receive SMS to multiple people and you can manage photos and videos on your android device as well as transferring them to the PC. You can download free android app 2014 version from Google Play Store

6. Pocket

Download Free Android app 2014 Pocket

Found a good Artcile? But No time to read? Now you have a solution. Use this android app to save your articles into pocket and read them later at your leisure time on PC or on your Android Smartphone. One of the best features is that it only saves articles’ text and words and skip the ads and other elements that are not the actual part of the article. Google Play named it as best android app. Over 10 Million people have already used this app and you can imagine its popularity that on Google Play it has 4.6 Ratings out of 5 after 94K+ reviews. You can download this app free from Google Play Store

7. SleepBot

Download Free Android app 2014 Sleepbot

This is one of the most useful android apps. Use this android app to track how you sleep. Unlike most of other such services it is completely free and you can improve your sleep with this helpful application. It monitors your sleeping habits and ring up the bell and wake you up only when you are in light sleep. It uses many functions like Smart Cycle Alarm, Movement Tracker, Sound Recorder, Sleep Debt Log, Data Analysis, Trend Graphs and many many more. This app was created after the effort of several months and is recognized by United States National Institute of Health and the National Academy of Engineering as the First Place Winner of "Go Viral To Improve Health" competition. Download the useful app from Google Play Store for free

8. Royal Revolt 2 

Download Free Android app 2014 Royal Revolt 2

Royal Revolt 2 is the sequel to the Royal revolt. You have come a long way and you found that you are not the only one to claim the throne. Build your own castle and defend it from your own enemies. With the help the simple touch controls you can lead your army. You can upgrade them to increase their power. You have to battle against thousands of player from all over the world in order to become the World’s most Powerful King. This android app has excellent graphics which is an added advantage. Moreover, the game is completely free. You can download free android app 2014 version from Google Play that was released on 12 Mar, 2014

9. TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile Security

Download Free Android App 2014 Trust Go Antivirus

TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile Security is probably the best free android security app. One of the excellent features of this android security app is that it maintains its apps database and based upon the threat level, it tells you that which apps are safe to download. Other Notable features of this app include Security scanner (for viruses and malwares), secure app search, secure web browsing, System Manager, Privacy Guard, Data Backup, Data Protection and Candid Camera Thief ID which is an interesting and useful feature. Lock your phone with a password, when a person tries to unlock it, after 3 unsuccessful attempts it will capture the person’s picture with front camera and email it to your email address. You can download free android app 2014 version free of cost from Google Play Store

10. Blink! Secret Messaging

Download Free Android App 2014 Blink Secret Message

Millions of Yahoo webcam images intercepted by GCHQ
a headline, The Guardian reported on 27th February 2014. Security is the biggest concern of the people these days. This android app is made for messaging and conversations but with very sophisticated and unique security features. Thanks to its Features like, Self-Destruct, by which the messages are deleted after a specific time. It’s just like any other communication app but with the additional feature of encryption of data. You can send Text Messages, audio, video, drawings and photos and can connect with others with Blink ID instead of Name or Phone Number. Download Free android app 2014 Free version from Google Play Store.

11. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Download Free Android App 2014 Muezi Live Wallpaper

This android application is mainly for Live Wallpaper on your android Smartphone. The specialty of this app lies in its content i.e. wallpapers. It’s basically a collection of Art wallpapers that continue to change everyday giving your Smartphone a new look each day.
Muzei is the Russian word that is used for “museum” So this android app is basically a museum of fine art images. You can also use your photos from gallery to use as background wallpaper. You can download free android app of 2014 from Google Play Store
12. 300: Seize Your Glory

Download Free Android App 2014 300 Seize Your Glory

This game is released by Warner Bros. International as a promotional campaign to their Movie 300: Rise of an Empire (2014). Just like many other action games, in this android game people need to Fight against the invaders.  In this android game Artemisia is the Commander of Invading force that is the Commander of Naval forces of Persia. It’s a short game having 4 levels and people can complete the game in 20-30 minutes but its graphics are just amazing. So want to have fun, give it a try. You can download free android app 2014 version released on 5 Feb 2014 on Google Play


13. Slam Dunk Basketball 2

Download Free Android App 2014 Slam Dunk Basketball 2

Slam Dunk 2 is a Basketball game for android smartphones. You can play this game online with opponents from all over the world. Choose a Player from the 8 available people and start playing 1 on 1 Match. According to the publishers, you only need skill to beat the opponent. No powerups and upgrades are required to score high. Every week a best player is chosen by the publisher and if you played well last week then you can also have bragging right to become the world’s best basketball player. You can download free android app 2014 version released on 12 March 2014 from Google Play

14. App Dialer

Download Free Android App 2014 - App Dialer

If you are an android user, you best know that if you install more apps it annoys to make dozens of shortcuts on home screen or to slide the screen to reach the app. Today with some phones with much good hardware, there are people who have installed more than 200 applications. App Dialer is an android app that provides you a dial pad with each number representing 3 letters just like in a normal phone. When you need to run a specific app, just open it and type and it will search it in a fraction of second. If you want to go to gallery just type Dial 4255379 (spelled "gallery"). It is that easy! You can Download Free this Android app from Google Play.

15. Firefox

Download Free Android App 2014 Firefox for Android

Firefox Browser just like the Google Chrome, let people sync their preferences and data. If you have not tried any other Mobile Browser then give it a try. It’s easy to use and provide good security features and add-ons. Download Firefox Android application from Google Play store for free. 

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