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Micheal J Fox's Famous Movie Back to the Future II was released in 1989. One of the most interesting things about this movie was that Future was depicted in the movie and the Year 2015 was shown as Future. Although much of the things that shown in the movie have not become reality till yet but, many things have become reality like Video Chatting (Skype), Flat screen Televisions mounted on walls etc. A new addition is the Nike Air Mag Shoes that are said to be self tying shoes with Power laces just as depicted in the movie.

Nike Air Mag Shoes Replica of Marty McFly Shoes
Marty McFly Shoes in the movie Back to the Future II

Nike Company filed a patent in 2010 for the Automatic lacing system similar to the Marty McFly Shoes in the movie Back to the Future. Although Nike in 2011 announced that self tying system will not be a part of Mag Line of Shoes but last week Nike's Designer in Tinker Hatfield, in an interview to the Sole Collector revealed that Nike Air Mag will be introduced next year which will feature Power laces.

Nike Mag Shoes without Power Lace

The Nike Mag Shoes introduced in 2011
Nike Air Mag was initially introduced in 2011 which was a replica of Marty McFly’s shoes in the Movie Back to the Future II but without the Power Lacing Feature. Nike introduced a limited quantity of 1500 pairs only and auctioned the shoes. The collected money $6 Million was transferred to Micheal J. Fox's Foundation for research on Parkinson's disease.

This is not the first time. Blake Bevin, a San Francisco based tinkerer also tried to make Power lace shoes. She started a project to make self tying power laces and was successful in her attempt to create first prototype. (See Video below). BlakeBevin in a recent Tweet indicated that her Company is introducing the power laces this year.

Nike Company has not officially disclosed that Self Tying Shoes will be introduced in 2015. The Company might be waiting for the exact time i.e. 2015 to come, to launch these shoes to make the Back of the Future Movie's prediction true.

Informative Article : Self Tying Shoe Lace to be introduced in 2015

Nike to unveil 'Back to the Future' self-tying power laces in 2015 by TheBestSelection

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