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Recently UAE Government has announced to use Drones to deliver the government services, facilities and aid. For this purpose, UAE government have allocated a fund of $1 Million, which will be awarded to the person, or organization who will come up with the more practical idea to deliver government services more efficiently using drones. This is the new step that UAE government has taken in an effort to make UAE Government Smartest in the World.

Since many years Drones are being used for Military purposes. United States is using the Drone Technology for surveillance and for Target Killing of Terrorists.  As these Drones often Targets innocent people, US Government has drawn much criticism over the usage of Drone Technology for Military purposes as using drones like in Drone Attacks in Pakistan and Libya violates International Laws. Apart from this controversial use, Drones can also be used for many other peaceful purposes which will make people’s life much easier and secure.

Here are 10 Peaceful uses of Drones that can make our life more simple..

    1)   Amazon Drone Delivery

Few months ago Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that his company is planning to launch drones that would be able to deliver the goods in 30 minutes time once purchased. The Drones are named as Amazon Prime Air is infact drone like octocopters. Currently due to Civil Aviation laws Amazon cannot pursue their program but its circulating news that Amazon will get permission from Federal Aviation Authority by next year. We don’t know when they will launch drones delivery but whenever it will be..it is a cool, best and peaceful use of drone technology. 

    2) Drones for Monitoring Railway Tracks

Railway Track Monitoring with Drones

After the threats from Terrorists Pakistani Governments has decided to use Drones to monitor the Railway Tracks. 1600 Kilometres long Railway Track from Karachi to Quetta and Peshawar is said to be the most volatile and will be monitored by 54 drones which will send Low altitude Images and videos to the control Room. This is not the first time that Drones will be used for Railway Track Monitoring Germany is already using this technology since May 2013.

   3) Highway Monitoring

A similar application of Drones was found in United States where a study Drones for Inspection Roads received a grant of $75,000. The purpose of the study is to find new ways for monitoring Four Million Miles of Road Network in United States. The funding for this study was provided by Federal Highway Administration and the Georgia Department of Transportation.

   4) Drones for Agriculture

Drones have many applications in agriculture sector. The Farmers can any time get live Images videos and they can analyze their fields and productivity in a better way. These Un-manned Aerial Vehicles can also be used for spraying at Targetted areas. In Japan Un-Manned helicopters are being used since 20 years for many purposes including agriculture.

   5) Drones for Photography

Drones also have its applications in Photography. In the annual Burning Man music festival at Nevada, US people were amazed to see drones capturing photographs and the high flying video footage of the audience. Similarly a company Falkor Systems, in US is focusing on the drones for Sports Photography. They are finding its applications in Skiing, skating and base-jumping activities. Because in such games, the player’s moves are so quick that photographers cannot capture much of the details and drones are proving efficient in such cases.

   6) Monitoring Forest Fires

Fly n Sense UAV Systems in France has developed a real time monitoring system for Forest Fires. The same company is also providing solutions for monitoring of environment and geological evolution i.e. erosion and sandbank, wild life tracking and monitoring etc. The company is developing lightweight UAV’s to monitor fire outbreaks.

   7)  3D Mapping

Drones can fly almost anywhere and due to their unique feature they have applications in so many areas. One of them is 3D Mapping. While flying at varying heights , Drones can take Amazing snapshots which can be stitched together to form 3D Images.  Pix4D's is a Swiss Software company that creates 3D Images from Drone Photographs.

   8) Search and Rescue

As National Geographic reports, In May 2013 in Saskatchewan, Canada, the life of an injured person was saved using drone. Dragan Flyer X4-ES Drone with a heat sensing equipment found the injured person which police and rescue workers was unable to find even with air ambulance with night vision feature. The injured person may have lost his life in the extreme cold weather but Thanks to the Drone which help the authorities find the injured person. Los Angeles County Sherrif’s also worked on SkySeer, a drone that was developed primarily for the purpose of search and rescue.

  9) Atmospheric Monitoring and research.

According to a report by Live Science, NASA is sending UAV’s to Stratosphere, the part of atmosphere where Ozone Layer is located. NASA is using drones in a study to understand how Water vapor changes in stratosphere causes Global Warming.  Apart from that, NASA is also involve with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to use drones to study Hurricanes. They are using little remote control drones which can blown away with the wind and water and use little power to gather data from Hurricanes and Storms.

   10)                   Drones Use by The Golf Channel

Drones were previously used by The Golf Channel. In the below photograph we can see a Drone with Video Camera that was used to provide live streaming of the Golf Match.

The Golf Channel used Drones for making video
Credits : Business Insider

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