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Everyday many new android games are uploaded to the Google's Android market. We have searched for the new games and some of the old games and compiled a list of 10 best android games for January 2014. Here is a list of Top 10 Android games for January 2014

1) The Lone Ranger

Best Android Games 2014 - The best Selection

The lone ranger is now available as android game, basically released last month by the Disney Company. In this game, you'll be playing a role-play game. You need to defend the city named as Colby.Butch Cavendish and his gang will be your major challenge. Complete the missions to fill your progress bar. Name the hero (Legend of Justice), like the movie Lone Ranger Tonto will be your allie here. This game is available free to download at Google Play Store.

2) Rivals at War: 2084

Best Android Games 2014 - The Best Selection

According to the game's description, in the year of 2084, human beings are able to travel between the planets. In the same era, aliens from the other planet are attacking our Planets. A team of Soldier is defending our Planet name as TRAIN. While playing the game you can upgrade your teams and weapons. There are 4 card systems. Bronze card give you the least points while with Gold and Elite Cards you can earn most of the points but these cards are very rare, Play this game to find more about it. You can download this game for free from Google Play Sore.

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3) Greed for Glory

Best Android Games 2014 - The Best Selection

Greed for Glory is a Android strategy Game launched by PerBlue. In this basically you have to start with a small village and after playing tactfully you'll be able to create new town. You also need to attack the nearby villages to conquer them. You can also play this game online and get others help also. Download this game for free from Google Play Store

4) Fast Racing 3D

Best Android Games 2014 - The Best Selection

Fast Racing 3D is an outstanding racing game for android smartphones and Android Tablets. The game has high quality 3D graphics with easy to understand game features. Play games to earn more points, unlock new cars and upgrade existing games for best playing experience. You can enjoy upto 10 hours of game-play after crossing 48 levels in the game. Download this cool game or free from Google Play Store

5) Frozen Free Fall

Best Android Games 2014 - The Best Selection

Just Like The Hobbit and The Lone Ranger, Frozen Free Fall game is also introduced by Disney Company in promotion to their newest Animated movie Frozen. You start playing game with the character Else and as you move on there are more characters like Anna, Hans and Pabbie which you can unlock by getting more points. There are 90 icy Puzzles which you have to solve. Utilize your best of Matching skills to play this game effectively. Download Frozen Free Fall from Google Play Store for Free.

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6) Colossatron: Massive World Threat

Best Android Games 2014

In this game, unlike the may other major games, the player needs to be a bad guy. The mission is to spread destruction in the world. Play the game earn more points and unlock the gadgets to combine with the existing weapons and guns to spread more destruction. You need to take control of the giant snake like creature to boost the destruction. The mission is simple DESTROY EVERYTHING. This game is not free. You can purchase this game from Google Play Store for $0.87

7) Call of Mini: Infinity

Best Android Games 2014 - The Best Selection

Call of Mini : Infinity is recently introduced for Android Smartphone users. Call of Mini is a fantastic Arcade game in which the player as a team leader have the responsibility to take the army to the expedition to the new planets, to find a safe place for them to live there temporarily and to ultimately conquer the planets. You can enjoy thrilling battles with the command of the army. Download this game for free from Google Play Store 

8) Can You Escape Horror

Best Android Games 2014

In this interesting game, the player needs to solve the mini puzzles along with finding the hidden objects to escape out of the horror room. There are 10 levels or horror rooms that player has to cross through the genius and puzzle skills. This is a free game that you can download from Google Play store.

9) Anti-Terror Shooter

Best Android Games 2014 - The Best Selection

Anti-Terror Shooter is the new addition in the Shooting Games for Android Mobile Phones. In this game, you will be playing as a member of SWAT Team who has the responsibility to defend themselves from the enemies and to shoot them down. You can select from variety of guns to shoot the enemies down. Download this game free from Google Play Store.

10) CSR Racing

Best Android Racing Games 2014 - The Best Selection

If you think that you are fast and furious in playing the best android racing games, then you must try this game. Released on 15 January 2014 by NatureMotionGamesLtd, CSR Racing is the new version of the game. CSR Racing is a free game but there are features which can be purchased for money. The Popularity of this game can be imagined by the fact that out of 586,206 votes on Google Play, 439069 people given 5 rating points and 79471 people given it 4 rating points hence giving it a total ranking of highest 4.5 out of 5. Download this game for free from Google Play Store.

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