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Lal behari was a Businessman in India who had a business to sale saris, a traditional women's dress in India. Over a property dispute he found that he was declared dead in official record. His cousins made a plot to declare him dead and as a result they can snatch his property. In India it takes several years and a lot of money till the official record to be corrected.

When Behari started his struggle to correct the official record, he was not aware that how many years it would take. Later behari found that there were more than 100 similar cases in which the relatives of a person had declared a person as “dead” in official record by a plotting a conspiracy. Behari, in 1980, founded Uttar Pradesh Association of the Dead. He appealed to different NGOs, government officials and Human Rights’ Organizations. But all his efforts went in vein.

But behari was committed to not giving up. He continued his struggle to prove himself alive in government record. He used all the means by which his existence could be proven in papers. He staged kidnapping of his own cousin, asked wife to apply for widow allowance and left leaflets at Utar Pardesh Assembly. He was even arrested but the official record could not be corrected. He didn’t give up and in 1994 he was declared “alive” by a magistrate of a local court. Human Right’s commission in a report on behari’s case said that It took more than two decades for a person to prove himself alive.

Behari later announced that he would give the property to his cousin who made all this fraud. He further said that this is a slap on the face of system. He demanded computerization of land records so that such events and frauds related to property and land can be prevented in future

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