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There are millions of android apps in Google Play Store. It is not possible for us to check all those apps but here is a list of 10 cool apps you must give them a try.

1) Flipboard

The Best Selection - Cool Android Apps 2014 - Flipboard

It is a news magazine that gathers news from Top news websites and social networks and displays news as flappable tabs. Pick your interests, and connect social networks to enjoy the news and top stories in a new style. Developed for android smartphones and Tablets. I have personally used it and found it very interesting. Download it free from Google Play Store

2) LocPro

The Best Selection - Cool Android Apps 2014 - LocPro Android App

This is a wonderful and very useful application. Many times it happens with us that our smartphones are used by others and they see our images, videos and contacts which we don’t like. This free app provides you with an opportunity to hide gallery and contacts associated to a certain location. For example at home will able to view gallery and while at work no one will be able to view gallery containing personal images. A very useful app developed by Pakistani developer VisualProz.
Download LocPro free from Google Play Store

3) Android Weather and Clock Widget

The Best Selection - Cool Android Apps - Android Weather and Clock Widget

I accidentally removed Weather and Clock widget from my smartphone desktop . Then I installed Android Weather & Clock Widget. It is a very good looking widget that is far better than the in-built Digital Clock Widget. If offers sunrise and sunset times with the hourly weather update and 10 days weather update. It offers many layouts and 4 different stylish skins.
Download this widget free from Google Apps Market

4) Gravity Guy 2

The Best Selection - Cool Android Apps 2014 - Gravity Guy 2

This is an awesome android smartphone game with amazing graphics. If you are fond of Single Character running android games then you must give it a try. I played this game and in my opinion it is more interesting then Temple Run 2. Amazing electrifying sounds and game design provides a very good gaming experience. You can choose from 7 different characters. Play and get points to unlock more powers. Download this game for free here.

5) Voice Magician - Voice Changer

The Best Selection - Cool Android Apps 2014- Voice Magician - Voice Changer

I searched for a voice changer android application but did not found any app that can really be used for voice changing during a call. But after so many useless apps I found this one. This app is a really good voice changer. Although its not for changing voice while calling but you can record voice and then change it to different funny voices. You can change your recorded voice to bird, pig, robot, ET, women & men's voice. Download this cool App from Google Play Store for free

6) AwesomeIME - FLAT Keyboard

The Best selection - Cool Android Apps 2014 - AwesomeIME - FLAT Keyboard

This paid application is used as an alternative of your android smartphone’s keypad. It comes with different skins and color combinations. According to publishers it simplifies typing makes it easier and faster. Buy this app from Google Play Store for $1.34

7) Power Grid

The Best selection - Cool Android Apps 2014-Power Grid Android Remote PC

Power Grid is a Remote-Control tool for your PC. According to authors, you can now continue your games through your smartphone without quitting the action. For using this app you must have download and installed ROCCAT™ POWER-GRID™ software as a host on your PC. It’s a free app you can give it a try to know more about this app. Download this app here 

8) Subway Surfers

The Best selection - Cool Android Apps 2014 - Subway Surfers

Developed by Kiloo Games and Sybo Games Subway Srurfer is the new entry in the Single character running games. I rate this game more than Temple Run 2. There are many characters and powers to choose. There are mystery boxes that you can achieve while running or by spending 500 coins. Unlike Temple Run 2, the game becomes amazingly fast after you cross 10,000 points and its low scoring game as compared to temple Run 2 in which you can even get 100 million points. Very Interesting graphics with a lot of powers ups. Must give it a try. Download this Cool game here

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9) Courses123 - language learning

 The Best Selection - Cool Android Apps 2014 - Courses123 - language learning

With this simple and amazing application, you can learn different foreign languages. This application currently offers 5 foreign languages i.e. English, Spanish, French, German & Italian. The application offers different learning tools like vocabulary, photo-sessions, revision, quizzes, flashcards etc and more. Be sure to connect to internet before using this application. Download this app for free

10) MP3 InCall Recorder and Voice

The Best Selection - Cool Android Apps 2014 - MP3 InCall Recorder and Voice

In Android and other smartphones, recording calls is usually not a good experience due to the bad voice quality. Mostly these recordings are in the formats like aac, wav etc which are low size but not very good in sound quality. This app allows you to record a call in high quality MP3.It is also a good voice recorder. 1 hour of recording will only take 7 MB of space on your Memory card. Download this cool app here 

Please give your feedback in comments if you have used any of the apps from above or if you use any app after reading this article.

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