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Do you love playing racing games? Here is a list of Top 10 Best Android racing games. Grab them now from Android Market for free. If you have played anyone of them already kindly write a review in Comments.

10. BMX Boy 

Download BMX Boy Android Game


Developed by Runner games BMX Boy is easy to play motor bike game. You can speed up bike, jump up, running over the obstacles and perform special tricks in air. You can download BMX Boy from Android market for free.

9. Hill Climb Racing

Download free addroid racing game Hill Climb Racing
Playing as Newton Bill, you will have to drive over bumpy landscape without flipping over. As you move advance towards completion you will get more coins which you can use to upgrade your car. Special Bonus points will be awarded for doing tricks. Download Hill Climb Racing from here

8 - Drag Racing. 

Download free addroid racing game Drag Racing
I have personally played this game. Players have to drive car in a straight line by controlling speed and gear change. As you win the race you are given bonus to upgrade the car. You can download Drag racing for free from Google's App Store.

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7. Car Race by Fun Games 

free Download addroid racing game Car Race
This is another drag racing game with awesome good looking 3D graphics. With simple controls players have to control speed. Accelerate the car to beat opponents. Download Car Race by Fun games for free from Google's Android Market.

6. Smash Cops Heat 

Download free addroid racing game Smash Cops Heat

Developed by Hutch games, Smash Cops Heat is an Amazing Game. Choose a car from high performance cars to show up your driving skills. Use Power ups to speed up your car and to avoid criminal attacks. Download Smash Cops Heat by clicking here.

5. Road Warrior.

Free Download addroid racing game Road Warrior
Road Warrior is an advanced racing games + fighting game. Developed by Top free Apps and Games it is a Multilayer game. You can choose your vehicles from a smart car to Heavy Trucks. You can choose different type of races with opponents on different type of tracks. Shoot your opponents vehicle and watch them explode. Download Road Warrior from Google's App Store.

4. Fast Racing 3D

Free Download addroid racing game Fast Racing 3D

Fast Racing 3D is also an advanced Racing game with very sophisticated 3D Graphics. Developed by Doodle Mobile Ltd, this game has very crushing sound effects. Collect Power ups to gain speed and earn cash rewards to unlock new cars. Players can enjoy 10 hours of game play in Career mode with 48 levels. Download Fast Racing 3D from Google's App Store.

3.  Redline Rush

Free Download addroid racing game Redline Rush
Developed by Crescent Moon games Redline Rush is a fantastic game.  Test your driving skills in a high speed driving game. Avoid crashes, escape from police and take power ups to win the race. Download Redline Rush from Google's Android Market.

2. Raging Thunder 2

Free Download addroid racing game Raging Thunder 2

I have personally played Raging Thunder 2. This is an excellent 3D racing game with high quality graphics and sound effects. Players can choose any game mode out of 5 different game modes including Time Attack, Career Mode, Survival or instant race. I personally recommend this game to racing game lovers to play this once. Download Raging Thunder 2 from Android Market for free.

1. Death racing 

Free Download addroid racing game Death race

Developed by FT Games Death Racing is an advanced racing game. You can enjoy the feeling of speed and power by playing this game. By skillful play you can unlock most of the cars. Keep accelerating and avoid obstacles and multiply your score. Beware of indicators. To enjoy the top class racing experience on your android device. Download Death Racing now from App Store for free.

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